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Benefits of 18ct Gold vs 9ct Gold Jewellery

Gold Rings

Jewellery will endure daily wear and tear however we would want it to last a lifetime, especially if its a wedding ring or an engagement ring. 

Lets chat about the myths surrounding hardness and durability of alloys. Some people suggest that 9ct gold is better as its harder.  Hardness only accesses strength and its not the best measurement to take into consideration when indeed the ring is being worn. The more harder the alloy the brittle it is and more inclined to wear away.  When we discuss durability this is the most important as we want the alloys to stay in tact overtime. Its the daily wear and tear we need to consider.

Pure gold is virtually indestructible.  When we discuss alloys the more pure the gold content, say 18ct (75% pure) vs ( 37.5% pure) in 9ct gold.  The more pure the better the alloy wears long term.

When looking at estate jewellery, traditionally the wedding rings were made in 18ct gold or Platinum so they withstand time.

Over a lifetime 18ct jewellery will require less polishing, this is due to the higher content of fine gold. 9ct gold contains more copper and is more reactive to the environment around it.  Copper erodes over time, unlike gold which has sustained centuries over time staying intact. 9ct will wear more quicker but also more likely to react to certain skin conditions.

We always suggest 18ct over 9ct if you would like your ring or jewellery to last a lifetime.

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