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There are many different types of watches. They range from the simple, casual watches that can be worn with anything and everyday wear, to the more formal watches that need a suit or tuxedo. There are digital and analog, wristwatches and pocket watches, the list goes on.

Watch Brands we stock are Jag, TW Steel, Mondaine, Luminox, Police, Sekonda, Seksy and Thomas Sabo.

The most popular style of watch is a dress watch, which is typically made of gold or silver metal and has a leather band. Dress watches are not waterproof and they should never be worn in water because they cannot handle moisture well at all. The next type of watch is called an everyday watch which usually features plastic bands and faces. These types of watches are less expensive.

Automatic watches are mechanical watches that do not require a battery to run. They work by using the kinetic energy of your arm and body movement, which is converted into electricity through a coil winding mechanism. Most of our clients purchase watch winder boxes from the Wolf brand.  These boxes count the precise number of rotations of the watch.

A pocket watch is a personal timepiece that was traditionally carried by men in the 19th century. Pocket watches were originally made of gold, silver and other precious metals. They are also called waistcoats or fobs. Today many medical professionals such as Nurses and Doctors use pocket watches to accurately tell the time and monitor patients.

A sports watch is a timepiece that has been designed to be worn by athletes and active people. The design of the sports watch should be lightweight, durable and waterproof. The type of sport you are playing will determine the features on your sports watch. Features can include an altimeter, barometer, compass or thermometer. Some watches also have GPS technology which provides runners with accurate statistics such as distance travelled and lap times.

Quartz Watches run with an electric battery and are powered by quartz crystals. The batteries in these watches last much longer than other kinds of batteries do because they only need to be changed approximately about once per year. Quartz watches are also very accurate because they keep time more precisely than mechanical or solar ones do.

We sell great accessories such as WOLF watch winder boxes for automatic watches, watch boxes and watch safes to keep your watches safe and secure.

Cover Me In Jewels has you covered for all of your watch needs!

Cover Me In Jewels, ships quality jewellery Australia Wide into every state, Western Australia Jeweller (WA), New South Wales Jeweller (NSW), Queensland Jeweller (QLD), Adelaide Jeweller (SA), Canberra Jeweller (ACT), Melbourne Jeweller (VIC) Northern Territory Jeweller (NT), North Island New Zealand Jeweller and South Island Jeweller of New Zealand.

Shop online Australia & New Zealand for high-quality, luxury watches, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery boxes, accessories for men and women, including collections by brands like WOLF, Mondaine, Jag, Police, TW Steel, Luminox, Seksy, Sekonda, Thomas Sabo, Ania Haie, Bronzallure, Custom made wedding rings, signet rings, pink diamond jewellery and white diamond jewellery.  Afterpay. PayPal accepted. Member of the Australian Jewellers Association of Australia.

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Unique Luxury Jewels: Make a Statement in 2024


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